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3M LavaTM Zirconia crowns &bridges are designed to look and feel like beautiful natural teeth.

Benefits :
  • Precision CAD/CAM system for outstanding marginal fit & superior fit relative to leading competition.
  • Proven high strength performance -1440mpa 3-pt. bend strength.
  • 10+ years clinical study with 100% survival rate.
  • Natural translucency system available in 8 shades.
  • Limited 10 years warranty*.
  • The warranty will contain a genuine 3M Authentication lable.
Indication :
  • 8 unit bridges with upto 4pontics in the anterior region.
  • Single crowns.
  • Custom zirconia abutments for a wide variety of Implant systems.
  • Inlay and onlay bridges.
  • Primary telescopes.
  • Splinted crowns.

Cementation :

For a conventional cementation use a glass ionomer cement (i.e KetecTM cem) or for self adhesive cementation please use 3X RelyX unicem.

Our dental laboratory specializes in lava crowns and lava bridges. We are an authorized 3M ESPE lava milling center that means each lava crown is barcoded for authenticity and is made from the finest zirconia available. Lava zirconia restorations are an ideal alternative to porcelain-fused to metal (PFM) restorations. The zirconium oxide achieves the beauty and translucency of natural teeth. Over time metal restoration can leave a dark metal margin where the gums recede, with lava zirconia it produces strong durable restorations and retains its original beauty for years.It is much better alternative for those patients who have concerns about metal.

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