5YWTM CAD/CAM Zirconia
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5YWTM CAD/CAM Zirconia

Specifications :
  • With the strength of zirconia and esthetics of porcelain our 5YW TM CAD/CAM Zirconia restorations have been successful for more than 10 years now.
  • The zirconia core is opaque and will mask any discolored tooth, metal cores and implant abutment. The resulting restoration exhibits life-like esthetics independent of the shade of the prepared tooth.
  • It is a cost effective zirconia restoration.
  • No allergic reaction or tissue irritation.
  • Precision milled to deliver an optimal of 1100 mpa and a perfect marginal fit.
  • 5YW TM CAD/CAM Zirconia gives you strength and versatility bringing together fit, function, and aesthetics.

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