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3M ESPE innovation now brings you full contoured zirconia restorations. These glazed zirconia units have no ceramic layering and give you strength and esthetics of zirconia with minimal tooth reduction.

3M Full Contour Zirconia Restorations Are Available As
  • Lava TMpremium full contour restorations.
  • Lava TM classic full contour restorations.
  • 3M essential full contour restorations.

Benefits :
  • Due to their high strength, 3M full contoured restoration are suited for cases with only little inter occlusal space.
  • Now you can restore a tooth with as little as 0.6mm occlusal reduction in its preparation.
  • You can offer patients with bruxisim a tooth coloured and strong restoration (more than 1000mpa) without porcelain overlay.
  • With 3M full contoured restorations you can now give your patients an adequate tooth coloured replacement of pfm or full cast metal restorations.

Cementation : Procedure

For a cement that is strong, versatile and easy to use, we recommend 3MTM ESPETM RelyXTM Unicem Self Adhesive Resin Cement. This cement was specifically formulated to be self-adhesive and moisture tolerant, eliminating the need for a separate priming, etching or bonding step. It also greatly reduces the potential for patient sensitivity.Cementation : of 3MTM ESPETM LavaTM restorations can be accomplished with proven, conventional techniques using any of the following cements from 3MTM ESPE:

  • RelyXTM Unicem Self Adhesive Resin Cement.
  • RelyXTM U200 Self Adhesive Resin Cement.
  • RelyXTM Luting Cement.
  • KetacTM Cem Glass Ionomer Cement.

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